Reflections and Arrangements

Charmed by an imagined world somewhere between fine-drawn aesthetics and a geometric wonderland is where the works of artist Moshé Elimelech find their audience. Reflections and Arrangements is an overview of Elimelech's oeuvre, depicting clean, crisp compositions in each of his three preferred mediums: watercolors, groupings of sculptural cube paintings he calls Arrangements, and installation.

Beautifully photographed, this 60 page monograph invites viewers into the imagined landscapes of Elimelech, which evoke a play of logic, geometrics, and abstract imagery. Like a great jazz ensemble, Elimelech's work leaves much of the final outcome to the observation and imagination of an audience. “I paint these abstracted landscapes in a way for people to admire and interpret openly, leaving them visual cues for the play of imagination.

This book, filled with powerful imagery, which includes an introduction by noted art dealer Louis Stern and a forward by art critic Peter Frank, immerses the reader in color, light, geometry and precision, and is a visual feast unto itself.


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