Limited Edition Posters


#trump2016  |  $80.00

2016 / Archival Pigment Print, Face-mounted on Dibond 61 x 49 in. (155 x 124.5 cm)


#hillary2016  |  $80.00

Archival Pigment Print, Face-mounted on Dibond 49 x 61 in. (124.5 x 155 cm)

Each Limited Edition print comes signed by the artist.


From a distance, Moshe Elimelech’s abstract portraits of Trump and Hillary may bring to mind Chuck Close’s gridded portrait paintings, or Andy Warhol’s works of iconic American celebrities. Upon closer inspection, Elimelech’s pieces become something else, as they are solely made up of Instagram posts. The artist works within his minimalistic geometric language, building the portraits systematically and meticulously, piece by piece, square by square. The portraits of Trump and Hillary are comprised of posts from #trump2016 and #hillary2016, respectively. As a result, the pieces are a collection of praise, hate, junk, and jokes. The works confront the influence of social media, how we communicate today, and the impact a meme can have, for better or for worse. As the artist, Elimelech remains a neutral observer, intending only to reflect ourselves, and what we have created.